What is the reason for flat foot?

Flat foot is a widespread disease, both among the younger and among the older people. But what is the reason?

The foot is formed by two arches – longitudinal and transversal. Longitudinal arch of the foot is on the inside of the foot, and transversal in the metatarsal bones area. When one of the two arches falls downwards it gets flatfoot.

This descent of the arch may occur for two main reasons: either for sudden weight gain or frequently wearing shoes with very high heels. In both cases, the foot gets burdened. It may also occur when there is too much standing, which is inevitable in some professions, such as waitresses, saleswomen, etc.

You may recognize that you are a victim of this disease if you feel heaviness in the feet, swelling and sometimes difficulties when walking. If you straighten your leg spitz you can see that your foot is truly and fully equal right.

Complete diagnosis can be made ​​after X-ray footage, which shows that the vault of the foot is down. In order to avoid flat foot, the feet should be irritated at an early age – walking barefoot, rolling various objects with the feet – such as balls, rolling pin or glass bottles. Any irritation is of great benefit.

Since the root cause of this disease is indicated to be stressing the legs with high and uncomfortable shoes, experts and doctors advise not to overdo the wearing of heels. Your feet can be elegant even in low shoes. And it is also very important to track your weight, to avoid any unpleasant surprises concerning your health and your feet.


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