Unique colorful canvas shoes for cheerful ladies

Since and this year will be very modern the flat and low shoes, we offer one model that will appeal to all girls or ladies with a colored vision of life. The amazing colors combined with the simple, yet elegant design make this boot a favorite. For a walk in the city, but not for formal events, this is a dream and comfortable, yet beautiful shoe.

It is made of textile material with rubber sole, flexible, and incredibly comfortable. They are available in several varieties – white with green, white with red and white with blue butterflies. On the inside the insole is again of breathing textile material. The decorative buckle on the front of the shoe complements the vision of the leg that with these shoes will look very stylish.

Very suitable for completion of sports-elegant outfit – jeans with a shirt, for example, or skirt and top, shirt, but denim. Also with 7/8 trousers but in the appropriate shade. In general, they suit to almost everything, of course except official super evening dresses, in which you could look slightly ridiculous.

So if you’re going hiking or picnicking, get a backpack with a blanket, some provisions and sally out to the mountain slopes with these sneakers. If rather you want to have a coffee at the beach or the city streets, you can again take advantage of their comfort. In any case this is a universal shoe, which suits for any occasion except for the official events, where the formal etiquette is required. For the other cases, instead of being torn between two or more pairs of shoes, sandals or slippers, you could easily stop to those, among the other things they are made of breathable fabric.


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