Two pairs of casual and comfortable sandals from DIESEL

Turquoise sandals Summer is the time of remarkable outfits walking around on the beach, sea and mountain adventures. The season of holidays and beautiful bodies on display. The season when we are so craving for sunshine that we cast much more clothes and inhibitions.

And shoes are an important part of our clothing. Therefore we decided to show you two pairs of sandals from DIESEL that impressed us with its simplicity and at the same time beauty and stability.

The first are turquoise sandals with a small heel and beautiful tangles that represent the straps around the ankle and toes. The fresh color makes them suitable for the light summer dresses, shorts or pareo for walking on the beach. They are made of high-quality natural leather.  Fastened with metal buckle on the ankle and at the front there is a metallic logo.

red and grey sandals The second pair is grey and red sandals with the possibility of tying around the ankle almost up to the knee. They have an absolutely flat sole and two straps, one of which covers the foot behind the toes and in the other the thumb can be inserted, which makes them stable and resistant to slipping.

The colored motive and the shimmering beads, which are as accents amid the greyness of the straps and sole, make the sandals elegant and simple. The material they are made of is 100% polyester. Some truly simple sandals for long summer days and nights.


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