The woman is a woman on high heels

Image: © Felix Mizioznikov / Fotolia

The woman wearing shoes with a current is always more impressive than any ultramodern lady with low shoes. The shoes with heels have never been out of the fashion trends, regardless of the season. Even the sporty style dared to allow that height and we became witnesses of the birth of the sneakers with a current. This love between the fashion and the heels dates back to decades, even centuries, and even men have resorted to this type of shoe.


The style of your work day will always be an idea more enjoyable if you feel feminine, sexy and elegant. And the easiest way to do this is from the early morning to make your choice of shoes (high heels of course) and then to build your entire outfit around them. Massive rough current, high and thin or medium – it does not matter if it is consistent with your comfort. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful as a princess and to wear your favorite remarkable high heels with confidence and proper self-esteem.


During the weeks of fashion in the world capitals we have witnessed a lot of interpretations with shoes on heels. A clear trend emerged – high heels worn barefoot with a pencil type skirt and a warm sweater. This unthinkable until recently combination apparently will rule the fashion tendencies for a long time.


Of course, you have to consider whether you will have to walk long distances during the day, because as we all know, the high heels are not suitable for long walks. You should always choose high quality shoes of genuine natural leather. The most important thing is the shoes to be comfortable and not only pretty. If you are not used to walking with high heels you will have to practice at home first. Always walk slowly and carefully because otherwise you risk getting an injury or back pain.


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