The summer shoes that every woman needs

Image: © Klaus-Peter Adler / Fotolia

Now you have one more excuse for a walk to the shops

Summer is the season in which you travel the most and visit all sorts of destinations and events. For this reason, and because we all love shoes, we will introduce the basic models which you will need during this season.

You must be prepared for the beach, for the crazy summer parties and whatnot. Clearly, you can never have too many shoes.

Here is to what to target this summer.


Gladiator sandals

This type of sandals is very fashionable this year also. The straps around the ankles draw attention to your feet and make this part of your body stand out. If you are looking for a balance between the daily and the more elegant style, these shoes are just right for you.


Platform sandals

These magical shoes make you taller, lengthen your legs and your gait becomes seductive. On top of that they are very comfortable, unlike the high heels. If you do not wear high heels because you are worried that you will get tired quickly and you will feel uncomfortable, then the sandals on a platform are the perfect solution to your problem. With them you will look elegant and stylish.


Flip flops

The good old flip flops are the irreplaceable summer shoes. They are cheap and you can combine them with almost anything. They are excellent for the beach and for a walk during those warm summer days. You will not go wrong if you get a new colored model that will bring freshness to your vision.



Traditionally, these shoes are made of cotton fabric and have a very flexible sole. This makes them extremely comfortable for long walks and the cotton fabric will keep your feet cool. If you are looking for comfortable shoes with which to move freely – the espadrilles are for you.


The ballerina flat shoes may appear to be more sophisticated and professional and therefore are a great choice for the working days during the summer. But they can also be more colorful, which makes them a great choice for a night out. They match all the summer dresses and are very comfortable. The longer you wear them, the better they will fit your feet.



In the summer you will have to wear and more stable shoes. If you go hiking in the mountains, on a picnic or on a longer transition, the sneakers are the perfect choice. They are comfortable, modern and it is a guarantee that you will not get any blisters. There are dozens of designs and colors from which to choose your loyal companions.


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