The modern shoes for this autumn season

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

The main peculiarity in the collections of the ladies shoes for the autumn is the bright and individual style. Almost every model for the season has its own character and shape, color, material and elements of decoration which have been specially selected for its creation. The designers have really put their imagination into action.


The current models are the high boots of the type with a sock, the models made of hairy leather and exotic materials, high shoes, shoes of the boat type and such in a more masculine style.


The high shoes that pass into leggings are of particular importance. The platforms of varying heights are still present in the fashion trends for the season, although their outsole may in some cases be too rough. Commonly found in the designer collections are the models with stable square heels and shoes with low or middle heels.


This fall will become obsolete as the tightly stuck to the legs as well as the wider booties and boots. Among the designer models stand out ankle boots in the style of the 90s and futuristic boots with additional geometric largeness.


Female footwear with unusual design will be fashionable in the new season, such as those with various forms of the current, original cuts on them, and construction details.


For their construction, designers have used smooth or genuine leather and such from reptiles, transparent and flexible materials, suede, nubuck, various materials and hairy leather. The extraordinary materials are the knitted fabrics, wide elastic and different feathers.


The color palette of the fashionable shoes for the autumn season includes white, emerald green, mustard, yellow, khaki, red, various shades of blue, burgundy and gray. Extremely topical are the contrasting color combinations, designed in the style of the color block and various metallic shades. The predominant prints are the graphic design, floral and animal motifs.


You will definitely not go wrong if you choose one or more models of shoes of these fashionable tendencies.



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