Summer in silvery color

The next two pairs of sandals are in a lovely silver color, which is elegant and suitable for a really special occasion such as a wedding or christening. And why not for a romantic dinner?

The first pair of sandals is from GUESS. The elegant sandals make any female’s leg more than attractive, in set with a straight, short dress you will get a completed vision of an elegant woman. The height of the current is about 8 cm and the leather which they are made of is natural. The elegant metallic ornaments on the front of the sandals with the logo of the brand finish their vision of elegant formal shoes. Unquestionably with these sandals you will make a great impression. The only drawback of these beauties is that they have no platform at the front of the foot to distribute the body weight evenly and not fall only on the fingers. Therefore, if you are not used to wearing high heels it would be better not to go to a place where you will spend the whole day or night standing. And despite everything the sandals are awesome and frankly unlikely many ladies could resist the temptation to buy them, especially given the love of women for shoes.

The next sandals are incredible and gorgeous, absolutely opened in brilliant silver color that will blind anyone who looked down at your feet. The stones, with which they are incrusted, create the impression of diamond sandals. Exclusively and only for formal occasions.

Both of these pairs give much elegance to the legs and to you in general, an incredible finish to a strictly formal dress.


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