Straight from the river Nile

Crocodile shoes The first impression that these men’s shoes make is of a crocodile biting the leg of the one, with which you have met. Really spectacular shoes. Probably also very expensive because as the appearance suggests, they are made ​​of genuine crocodile skin. It is true that the teeth facing the top of the foot are nothing more than an imitation, but the effect is striking. Really at first one may mislead.

The shoes are made in an elegant style, making them a suitable completion of a formal men’s outfit, but not strictly tuxedo or something official to say. Rather, of the type black pants with a shirt, casually unbuttoned at the neck, is suitable for this type of footwear.

The interesting scales that constitute these shoes make them, ones which everyone would stare. The insole of the shoe is made of natural, high quality leather, which allows air circulation and prevents overheating and unpleasant sweating, followed by the “divine” scent.

The sole is made ​​of rubber, which allows the shoe to bend easily. So light that you will hardly feel it on your feet. As well as your pocket, which can become a lot lighter. But the beauty wants victims and men love to sacrifice.


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