Slippers from ecological materials for a carefree summer

Because of the cold weather outside we decided it is good to stimulate the weather a little, and maybe that might make the clouds rise up, and to give you a little summer mood.

The slippers are classic slippers with a finger, those that leave the whole leg free of unnecessary straps and edges that can hurt your feet. The only drawback is that if you are not accustomed to these slippers or sandals you may at the beginning feel them slightly uncomfortable. But that to a large extent depends on the material of which the shoe is made. If the skin is of poor quality you can get sores on the delicate skin between the toes. But if you have good quality leather as in these slippers from Ocean Minded Manhattan, you will not have any problem with the convocation.

Apart from being in a fresh white color that makes them universal for any clothing, their straps which hold the slippers tightly to the feet are knitted in very interesting plaited bands. Their shape is almost as the braid that you have done once as a child. The metallic ornament at the front, which stands just above the thumb and the forefinger, finishes their uniqueness.

The bottom of the sole is made ​​of rubber or slightly rough rubber which prevents slipping, while making them lightweight and elegant. The insole, on which the foot steps is made of genuine, high quality leather and prevents sweating.

Overall this is a great shoe for the beach on hot summer days when you want to have merely a bathing suit and have the feeling that you are melting. In those days, these lightweight and simple slippers, a light beach dress, big hat and a huge box of ice cream on the beach, or on the balcony at home, will do a great job and help you experience the hot, but so awaited days of summer. As well as the evenings.


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