Shoes and Bags – rules and combinations for matching

Image: © alleks / Fotolia

If in the past the combination rule applied at all costs, things have changed today and the style combinations have multiplied. The inherited rules of our grandmothers and mothers have long since fled and are not in tune with the modern feel of the new generation. This, of course, is natural. They are also driven by superstar decisions that often dictate the fashion tendencies.


Indicative is Angelina Jolie’s decision at the Golden Globe Awards years ago when she chose to combine the color of lipstick with her bag. Interestingly, then the example was followed by other showbiz stars.


When combining shoes with a purse, one of the first simple rules is the colors to complement each other: no shade should look strange in the combination. There is a difference between a contrasting combination and colors that just do not match. For the realization of contrasting colors as an idea, to help comes the color wheel. This is a concept that is based on complementary colors. In the wheel, any color that is opposite is actually complementary. For example, red and green are complementary, orange with blue, yellow with violet, and so on.


Mixing many colors can be deceptive. If at the beginning yellow shoes with a blue bag may seem a good idea, the next moment, this combination will look confusing. The key to resolve in such cases is at least one neutral color.


Shoes and bags can be combined not only in colors but also by style. If the outfit is light and long, or jeans and a T-shirt, the combination will be more casual. When it comes to elegance and a combination of shoes and bag, the rules change according to the meaning of the event that requires them. So in the everyday life, you have the freedom to choose from the rich palette of shoes and bags, but in the style and requirements of the official events the rules are changing and you have to stick to the label.


Nothing scary, with the right combination you can shine anywhere.


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