Pink daydream

Pink Ballerina flats

The pink color has always been voted as the color of love and femininity. This is the color that embodies passion and love. However not every woman likes the color pink, though it alongside with the blue suits each woman. Of course there is a little significance with the different shades of the color. Deep pink suits for example rather on dark-haired or blond ladies with white skin. Those who are with darker skin color would not look very well with this color of shoes or clothing. The vivid colors in general are more appropriate for people with lighter skin. To those with darker skin in most cases suit the lighter ones or the pastel colors.

So a woman with darker skin can successfully put light pink sandals to match her bright dress. As well as a blonde by the way.

Another great solution in pink are the shoes of the type ballerina flats, which perfectly suit any more casual skirt or trousers and are extremely comfortable for long wanderings in the city.




Pink slingbacks

The shoes in pink color look very feminine and charming on every lady’s leg. Nowadays the footwear is not only black and brown as it used be before. On the market you can see shoes, boots, sandals and in general all types of footwear and in all shades of pink. You can successfully combine them with the clothes in your wardrobe and look different and unique every day at work or in your free time.

Pink is a warm and appropriate color for the hot summer. So do not be deprived of its presence in your wardrobe just because you stumbled upon a bad shade, there are wonderful shades that would suit you perfect. Give it a chance and you will see how fresh you will feel.


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