Pink beauty from Lelli Kelly for young ladies

We cannot but pay attention to the little ladies and the comfort of their feet that spend all day at school or kindergarten, or playgrounds.

For each of these cases, your child needs comfortable shoes that would not bother it when having to spend most of the day on foot or behind the student’s bench. And as the government has the idea of ​​full time education in each course, the convenience of the children comes first.

As each pair of shoes of the company Lelli Kelly and those pink sneakers are made of high quality materials. The sole is made ​​of rubber which allows the entire boot to flex easily when the child jumps, runs or makes some quick movement.

The upper part of the shoe is made of fabric that will not unravel or break at the first stumbling of the child. You know that nevertheless not everyone can keep their shoes like new. Fastening of the shoe is made by tape having velcro at one of its ends. Putting on and slipping off the shoes is easily and smoothly, even for the smallest.

The company has not cheated on their style and the colors of the sneakers are more than happy and beautiful – from the front are watching you and winking colorful flowers in various shades of pink, purple and red, and the front has beads and sequins that complement the incredible effect of the shoe.


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