Passion and adventure with summer sandals – 2

chanel pumpsThese two pairs of shoes for the summer are just as interesting and appropriate for a specific occasion. The formal shoes with toes for example, from Chanel, are suitable for any formal event – wedding, christening, party or business dinner. In any case, you will make an impression, even though the color is a bit darker. It is interesting that these shoes are iridescent and change between dark blue and purple, and also reminiscent of snake skin with these small flakes as from reptile skin. Stylish and elegant with lovely shade. What more could you ask for? Of course, the skin is natural and high quality, which makes them preferred shoes among formal company, dinners or business trips.

The current is approximately 10 cm high, but stable, which prevents you from ankle sprains and other troubles.

lacroix espadrillesThe next sandals are a great finish to our selection and are fully suitable for every day. Especially on the beach. The cork sole and straps that look like plaits threads of  fishing net, make these sandals very interesting and adaptable to any style of casual wear – skirt, jeans, beach dress, pareo etc.

Manufacturer is the famous french Lacroix, known for his loud ideas and incredibly comfortable shoes. These “sailor” espadrilles are no exception. So if you choose to add them to your wardrobe for summer and long beach walks you will not go wrong.


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