How to wear high heels without damaging your feet

The high heels give women confidence and attach to any outfit a sexy touch. But what about the pain they cause?   A British stylist gives five tips on how your feet not to suffer from the high heels. 1. Select the correct size for your foot. The most important elements when you buy high heels are the size and the good fit. If you have flatfoot, choose heels with a wider sole. The size is also important. No matter how beautiful ... Continue Reading →

The beautiful gait is formed from the childhood. Part 1

If someone walks incorrectly or has crooked legs, for that are at fault his parents. First, because the shape of the legs is inherited genetically, and second because they have not taken measures for a good posture from an early age. And because with the genes we can not fight on the second question can be made many things.   Starting to walk is an important moment for the gait of the child. It is best to be done barefoot, ... Continue Reading →

Men also love shoes

It is accepted to believe that the obsession with shoes is intrinsic to the ladies. Men, in turn, are also very aware of the significance and importance of the male shoes. At all, the male fashion in general has evolved so much in the last years that it worthily competes in creativity and good ideas with the women’s trends.   Absolutely irresistible is one man when he is taking care of his appearance, pays enough attention ... Continue Reading →

Fashionable sandals or comfortable sandals – what should we get?

The modern way of putting on shoes in the women is very important for them. The summer is coming and the ladies should be very careful with what sandals they will present themselves, because precisely they will talk about their elegance. Here we will not talk so much about the fashion in the ladies sandals, but we will emphasize on that what at most to watch out when you need to buy sandals for you or as a gift to someone. Remember ... Continue Reading →

8 tips for the high heels, you need to know

Here are some guidelines that will help you to feel comfortable The shoes with high heels are certainly among the favorites of women because they are capable of imparting confidence and charms to every woman. Simultaneously, however, they can cause you a lot of headaches if you do not follow some simple rules. Today we have prepared a short manual that would follow you inseparably in the feminine world of the high heels. At the ... Continue Reading →

In search of shoes in the online shoe stores

It is pretty hard to find the perfect shoes Even for the most avid buyers, finding the right pair of shoes can be elusive. You may need to waste time looking for shoes from shop to shop – whether online or in a shopping center. A person can think that he has found the perfect pair of shoes, but could be hampered by a problem with the age, style or color of the shoes. If you do not like the shoes that you can find in the ... Continue Reading →