Overview of the offered shoes on the market nowadays

The shoes are a means to protect feet from the surrounding environment and its factors. In addition, however, over time, the shoes have become the clothing for feet, if we may say so, which clothing according to what it is, as such, may define us as a personality. Meaning that the types that we like, determine our character. Fortunately, these types are so many that in practice you can have shoes for each case, if of course the finances allow us to do so. Let us now see which the main categories of footwear are and for what, where and in which cases we can put them on.

Men’s shoes. Men’s shoes as well as lady’s are exclusively many types. As main categories, we can say that they are low sports, high leather and sandals with straps.

Lady’s shoes. Here again there is great variety, and what is even better there are shoes that can be worn successfully by both genders. As main types of women’s shoes can be determined boots, high boots, high heels, low heels, espadrilles, flat shoes and more.

Sports shoes. Sports shoes are shoes that have the least differences between the genders, i.e. a model of athletic shoes can be worn by both men and women. They are worn when you are on a sports event or a workout. The types are sneakers, running shoes, bowling shoes, soccer shoes and more.

Shoes for dancing. Shoes for dancing, as is apparent from their name are specially manufactured for the purpose to serve for the comfort of the dancing. The types of dance shoes are ballet slippers, steppe shoes, for tango and other latin dances, etc.

Professional footwear / uniform /. These are shoes that are specifically manufactured to provide convenience, comfort and protect the feet of all employees, but not in the office but those whose jobs require being in uniform – police officers, firemen, medical personnel, hostesses and military units.


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