Mission: How to keep your shoes safe during the winter!

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An easy recipe that will help you maintain your shoes and boots during the cold and snowy winter days.


The snow piles up outside on boulevards and sidewalks, but that do not keep us safe from our meeting with it – quite the opposite! Every day we put our favorite shoes, although they are especially made for the winter conditions, at a real test for durability and strength. It is a true struggle to keep our shoes clean, beautiful and in perfect shape as they were in the first day we bought them from the store.


The problem is not in the pure flakes of snow, but in the chemicals that are used in order to process the different types of surfaces. As a consequence of the wading to the ankles in snow drifts, the shoes acquire stains, unpleasant cracks and the leather slowly starts chipping off.


These changes in their appearance seem irreversible. But do not worry because there is a solution! Take care of your favorite pair of shoes now. We will present you a very easy recipe that gives immediate and wonderful results. All you need is:


– 1 cup of cold water

– 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar

– a small cotton towel


Combine the vinegar with the water in a glass jar with a cap and mix well. When you get home after a long day spent in walking on the dirty pavement with dirty and ugly looking shoes, allow them to dry. Then dip the cloth in the prepared liquid and wipe with it the whole surface of the shoes. This procedure is done only for leather shoes and boots. The suede and nubuck shoes are treated in a different way with special brushes.


 They should now be like new!


We advise you never to put your shoes close to a radiator or other heat source in order to dry them faster. Leave them at room temperature or otherwise you risk ruining them forever.


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