Make your heels soft as velvet for 4 days

Image: © vladimirfloyd / Fotolia

If you apply the following simple method, the rough skin of your heels will smooth out within 1 to 4 days, depending on how bad is the situation in your case. For this purpose, you only need a foot cream (any oily cream would do a good job, but preferably use a camphor one) and a suitable sponge (do not use rough pumice!). The time that the method will take you is 10 minutes on the first day and 5 minutes on the other days.


Day 1 – Before taking a shower, rub your heels with the cream and walk around for a while. Once you have slightly moistened the sponge, start scrubbing the dry heels. Do not soak them before that in any case. After about 10-20 seconds the old skin will begin to wipe out and exfoliate. When the process is over, moisten the sponge again slightly and continue the procedure. You will see the dead skin cells on the floor beneath your heels. Repeat this process 2-3 times. This is enough for the first day. Your heels have become much more attractive in appearance, is not it? Then take a shower and smear again with the cream.


The second day and all the next days that are needed – if your heels are still not smooth enough, continue to rub them dry before showering with a slightly damp sponge until the old skin is completely removed. After showering smear with the cream. Do this only once a day. If your heels still need softening, repeat the method again the next day.


Decide for yourself how many days you need to solve completely the problem with your cracked heels, but usually after 4-5 days they already look like as of a baby – soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. In the future just keep their good condition, do not forget to rub them with cream in the morning and after showering.


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