How many shoes should a person have in his closet?

red sandals

The women’s and some men’s passion for shoes is legendary. Some, like Imelda Marcos own them with thousands. Others, like us, have only two or three pairs, depending on the season. Some ladies have bought and such for special occasions. But how many actually is normal, if we may say so, pairs of shoes to have?

Well, the simplest answer which comes to our mind is two – left and right. Yes, because a few years ago the shoes were not right and left, but were produced as two identical. Imagine what an anguish it had been the walking with them. Only after 1818 they are divided into left and right, but for general use they have come too recently – not until the 30s of the XX century.

The need for several types of shoes is divided by the seasons. For example, boots for the winter, shoes for the spring and autumn changeable weather and sandals or slippers for the summer. This seems to be the most preferred option.

Some ladies have more than 10 pairs and say that this is much better because in this way they more slowly wear out.

Those who can afford to buy a new outfit, find out that they have nothing to wear it with and buy appropriate shoes for their new purchase. And orthopedists say that it is better the shoes to be changed frequently. This additionally instigates new purchases.

And finally, a person must have as many shoes as much space he has at home to store them. And of course the finances are of great importance. Because the shoes are a passion for almost every lady, just as the new underwear. Therefore, there is no particular answer to that question – it all depends on how much money you are ready to spend and how much you love shoes.


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