How many hours a day is normal to walk in high heels

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The high-heeled shoes have become a source of self-confidence, exquisiteness and a powerful weapon for every woman. As much as we love them, however, every woman knows that the beautiful high-heeled shoes are not particularly useful to her feet.


This proves a new a study which estimated that the longer you walk with high heels, the greater is the chance to develop osteoarthritis of the knees. But here the question arises: Is there a certain time in which the wearing of high heels does not affect the health of our bones and how much is it?



The explanation:


The shoes with high heels are harmful because they put our feet in an unnatural position. The stress to which are subjected the pads of our feet, can lead to a number of diseases, including osteoarthritis. Of course, if you are a fan of the high heels, that does not mean that you should immediately throw them away and replace them with flat shoes. To reduce the risk of development of illnesses, just reduce the time in which you walk with high heels.


But how much is the “useful time to walk with high heels?” The time during which you can walk on high heels without the risk of future complications and diseases of the bone system depends on the type and height of the heels and the actions that you do with them:


Low heel (up to 4 cm)


Wear such heels at shopping trips or parties, where you are expected to stand upright for a longer time, but limit the standing with them up to 4 hours a day.


Average heel (4 to 8 cm)


These are heels that you should wear only at weddings, business meetings, dinners, etc. Most likely you will feel good in them up to 3 hours, but do not force yourself to stay longer.


High heel (higher than 8 cm)


You may have guessed that it is best to avoid such heels. But when it is necessary (in the name of fashion and good style) you should not stay with them over an hour. Fortunately, nowadays the footwear producers reinforce them with hidden platforms, which can make their wearing more comfortable. The platform shoes also can be worn a little longer. But again you should not overdo them.


Finally, if you still want to continue to wear high shoes, here’s how to take care of your feet after that:


After you have worn high heels, massage your feet as you step on a ping pong ball and roll it on the floor. In this way you will massage and stretch the small muscles in your feet – something that does not happen when you are wearing high heels.


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