Goofy shoes, worthy of extravagant queens

extravagant shoesIn the spirit of a lazy Sunday we offer several crazy pairs of shoes that to us seemed both beautiful and not so impossible to wear.

The first kind of shoes are seemingly completely normal, for the spring-summer season with open toes, the colors are perfectly normal, and the materials from which they are made​ of. Everything is normal. Until you turn the shoe towards you to see how high currents is. Oh but it is not there! Look a little farther and just where the arch of your foot rises, you will see a five-inch, stable current. Yep, there, where by default the current should be – at the heel, there is nothing. Honestly, I do not know how exactly to walk with such a shoe, but they look relatively “normal”.

  The next type of shoes are sandals in very interesting patterns and unusual shape of the heel. They are high as one classic stiletto – 14 cm, made of leather for the straps at the top, resembling twisted lianas, the insole is also from leather. Under the gold colored straps, is the insole itself and the outsole that are in an interesting brown-and-white pattern that reminds me a little of Dalmatian spots. The current is the one that makes a very big impression – it is a white-marble statue of a woman that could be compared to any of the goddesses of fertility in African culture. Interesting and in our opinion possible to wear.eccentric shoes

The third type of shoes are classic white sandals, opened at the toes and the heel, but they attract the eye with their platinum white outsole and heel. The interesting thing here is the strange squiggles and balls that come out of the sole and are located around the heel, but thanks to that walking would be more stable. These sandals may take the brains of every man and would make every woman jealous at a company party or a formal cocktail.

Pair number 4 are quite interesting and frankly crazy shoes, which interestingly blend into purple-blue-yellow-red-green. Or at least only their sole and current. The upper part of the sandals is blue and is fastened to your leg with four clasps one for each strap. Quite interesting indeed, for a masquerade party or just a friendly gathering.

Of the last shoes the only strange thing is the very form of the current. Otherwise the shoe has a quite normal design. The current is metallic, slightly dumpy while at the middle there is a hole. The height is exactly like of one stiletto. The patterns of the shoes are interesting black and white spots. It is fastened by the three straps on the front.


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