Fashion and comfort in the shoes during the winter

Image: © Andrey Bandurenko / Fotolia

You do not have to wear ugly shoes in order to survive the winter


There is hardly anything as annoying as the winter conditions for the pedestrians. Yes, most attention is paid to the drivers, but the real obstacles to be overcome are from the ones walking on foot.


In order to get from point A to point B with style, check out our advices.


The Almighty fashion this season dictates comfortable and warm booties and boots. Well, how not to follow the trends, when they are so practical and at the same time very pretty and stylish?


Very topical are the models with a high platform. The height is to the ankle or the calf and the boot may end with a fluff and buckles. The fastening is diverse from laces through zippers and straps.


The soles of the boots somehow represent the harshness of the hiking boots. On the other hand they keep the feet sufficiently isolated from the cold and dampness on the streets, and the deep grabs hold us firmly on the ground. The fabrics, which are preferred by the manufacturers are genuine leather or patent leather and suede – both separately and together.


When we talk about fashion, we should also pay attention to the colors. Here again there are no surprises – the classical black, white and beige are on the top. They are also the most preferred by the ladies because they allow combinations with different outfits, and as we know, when a person finds comfortable shoes, he usually does not replace them with others under any circumstances.


Here, we do not have to wait for the spring and summer in order to be stylish and to feel comfortable – the winter collections offer everything needed for that. If you have missed the Christmas and New Year sales, do not worry, soon will begin those upon change of collections.


So remember – comfort, high sole, deep tread and versatile color – that is the formula for the fashion during the winter when it comes to the booties and boots.


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