Famous Shoe Designers: Jimmy Choo

glamour jimmy chooWhich woman has not heard of Jimmy Choo? At least, if you saw the recent series such as Sex and the City and Ugly Betty, where Jimmy Choo shoes are like gods among the fashion world. And just like a god are absolutely unreachable for a mortal woman. Mostly because of the price. His products, because they are precisely those, start at prices from € 300 upwards. Elegant and formal models can reach even € 1,000.

The rise of Mr. Chu continues in the world of shoes. He is one of the few foreigners who managed to break through and stay on the crest of the wave. He was born in Malaysia in a poor family. Yet the ambitious young man manages to escape from poverty and went to London, where he studied at college. His passion for shoes is well known. After graduating from college, he created his own first shoe design studio in London. After that success began to flow.jimmy choo sandals

In his autobiography are such celebrities as Lady Diana, The Queen of Denmark, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Natalie Imbruglia, Katie Holmes and many others who have worn his shoes. Today every woman is dying to see Jimmy Choo shoes live at least once in her life. In its turn, the shoes can be described with three words only that are magical for every lady loving her legs: comfort, elegance and sophistication.


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