Clever device for storing shoes

storing deviceHave you ever wonder where to arrange the multitude of your pairs of shoes? You have a locker in which they stand? I suppose shoes for each season? For some several pairs, formal, casual, sandals, slippers, boots, booties, etc. In fact, there is nothing better than having shoes for every occasion. Perhaps the presence of clothes for every occasion is just as exciting.

But have you ever after one season, when opening the cupboard found shoes for the next in a terrible state? Dusty, looking as if they are owned by a bum, not to mention being quite wrinkled.

Well, then you will probably be pleased of the next invention that won a prize in a competition for innovations. It is a sphere that can be likened to the metal widget in which the hamsters spin. With the only difference that it has separate shelves where you arrange your shoes. You may put it near the front door and you will not be late for an important meeting because you cannot find the shoes for the special occasion. And will no longer waist time to shine your shoes, just because they were sitting in a locker and are dusty.

Of course you can always change the design of the wheel, meaning if you do not wear shoes with heels, but you need somewhere to store boots or booties, you can always remove one of the metal rods and thus make more space. Saves space, time and effort. What could be more economical for a working girl that does not have time to deal with the refreshment of shoes?


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