Choose the right men’s shoes

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We can say that women are the ones who know the shoes best, it is even safe to say that they are their number one passion in life… as oppose to men. But everything has its exception.

There are men who have a lot of shoes in their wardrobe and know what every pair is suitable for.
But still for most men the shoes are a practical necessity.

In spite of this, many men wear uncomfortable and inappropriate shoes.

For example, many men wear the same shoes after work, others avoid certain clothes and events because sneakers would be considered inappropriate but they like them too much.

For most men it is not negligence to other shoe styles but lack of personal trust in the choice. If this sounds like you or someone you know, read below.


General rules for men’s shoes

* Try to choose shoes which match the color of your pants or are a bit darker.

* It is not necessary the socks to match the shoes but it is mandatory for them not to be seen from the pants. Think of the socks as if they are your tie – an element completing your appearance.

Note: forget white and bright-colored socks…forever!

* If you wear a belt try to match its color with the shoes.

Men’s shoes for jeans

You can wear almost all color or style of shoes with jeans but avoid patent leather which is for strictly formal events.

Sneakers, loafers and sandals will all work well with jeans.

For example a sports shirt with short sleeves and jeans will match everyday shoes, the t-shirt with jeans – sneakers, sandals etc.

Men’s shoes for everyday pants

Regardless whether they are called docs, chinos or khaki there is a great diversity from loafers to oxford shoes. All of them match excellently with everyday pants.

The decorations and style of the shoes directs to the appearance you are trying to achieve.

Colorful matches with men’s shoes

* Black shoes fit well with dark blue pants, black or gray pants.

* Brown shoes are most appropriate for bright brown, brown, beige, green or other darker shades.

* Shoes in burgundy match khaki pants, brighter brown, blue and gray clothes.

* Light brown shoes look great in light winter tones, blue, beige or white pants and clothes as a whole.



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