Catalogue of the favorite shoes of the women around the world

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Which are the preferred models of the ladies?

Do you have any idea what are the most liked types of shoes of the different women all over the world? The site Shoes of Prey helps us to understand. In it, the users have the opportunity to take on the role of designers as they on their own create shoes according to their taste. Based on the collected information a map is created containing the preferences regarding the different types, colors, and materials, of which are created the shoes.

Globally, it seems the majority of women sticks mostly to the classic and some people say quite boring shoes – the black stiletto shoes. It is best the footwear to be made from soft leather and the height of their current to be 11.4 cm.


See what the tastes of women in different countries are.


The ladies of the smallest continent on Earth love to wear flat shoes, especially sandals. They usually choose those with a strap and buckle which goes around the ankle. They prefer the bodily color but also the leopard print is particularly liked.

New Zealand

Boots, opened at the toes are typical for the ladies of New Zealand. But like the Australians they like and the equal sandals. The floral motifs are the most common decoration and the snake skin – the material of which they are made.


Taking into account the huge population of the United States, it is difficult to be given only one preferred shoe model. And yet, the shoes with open toes and the pointed 11-inch heels are favorite among the ladies.

Moreover, the Americans use quite often satin (a type of silk fabric, shiny and smooth on one side) to create shoes. And the newspaper prints and silver glitter are highly preferred.


The Mexican girls love shoes on a platform that are open at the toes. Globally, the women in Mexico wear at most shoes of this type. Their height is usually around the impressive 14.8 cm, which again puts them in first place in the world. The metallic color is a favorite of the ladies in the North American country and they do not like much the neutral colors. At the expense of that they approve the fiery red and the silvery glitter.


The low heels are typical for the women in Canada. Their height is usually 2.3 cm, and when the ladies nonetheless want to put on higher heels, they rely on 7 cm heels and less frequently on 11. The preferences are targeted at patent leather shoes.


And here the preferred height of the shoes is 11.4 cm. The glitter and sequins are an integral part of them. Silver, gold or red – the shining elements are everywhere when it comes to the shoes. Aside from this trend, the British like the color white. They often wear high conical heels that are closed and rounded.


The women in this country located in northwestern Europe, adore heels of any height. And, the thinner they are, the better. When the 15-cm current goes in combination with a platform, the appearance of the woman is now completely finished! Silk is the preferred material.


The Frenchwomen wear shoes from artificial leather and the pale pink and bright ivory shades are preferred. The pointed 8.6-cm heels are the most popular among the ladies.


Closed shoes, a mixture between sneakers and boots seem to be a hit among the women in Germany. The thick stitched soles are chosen most often and the serious and exquisite vision is especially characteristic for the ladies in general. Therefore, they do not like the glitter and bet mostly on clear beige or pale pink.


The results suggest that, in Japan can be found the greatest diversity with regard to the footwear. With the exception of the newspaper prints and platforms, all other trends are welcome in the Asian country.

The neutral and seaside colors as well as the black are the most common shades and the leather and suede – the most popular materials. The 7-cm heel turns out to be most convenient for the ladies.


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