Barefoot or not along the sand

Image:© Brocreative / Fotolia

Summer is the season in which we throw away the heavy and thick clothes to give some freedom and air to our bodies.

Our feet make no exception. Sandals, holding on several straps or slippers with one finger. This is all done so that our feet can feel much lighter and to avoid the discomfort of sweating, fungi, etc.

In the summer we can provide something good for our body and feet – walking barefoot at any moment, when there is an opportunity – along the sand, the countryside and anywhere you know that the soil is clean. Thus you will be able to feel the ground with your feet. Something that our ancestors have made constantly.

The foot is kind of a map of the human body. On our feet there are dozens of acupuncture points, each of which corresponds to a separate organ in the human body. The stimulation of each of the acupuncture points through foot massage improves the blood circulation, invigorates, reduces the stress and the accumulated tension and acts healthy to the whole body.

So the dilemma whether to go barefoot on the sand or anywhere in the summer is not that big, if only you manage to fight the concerns that you could cut or injure yourself. Certainly you will not go to places where there is clearly broken glass or sharp stones. But at a green meadow on a picnic or visiting grandparents, on the holiday at the seaside, even from the beach to the quarters you can walk barefoot. For the children it is mandatory to go barefoot for a while so that the arch of the foot can form properly.

Feel the energy of the earth that flows through your body, and this is done by using your legs.


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