Ah these women’s shoes where to store them?

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The obsession with shoes is something very typical for a woman. The more seriously addicted to the high heels or to the shoes in general ladies – no matter whether it comes to sneakers, shoes with platforms or boots – often end up with so many, that at one point they do not even have space at home where to store them. This could be a problem, or at least an excuse to stop buying shoes, and that is what you love most, right? Do not worry! You can enlarge your collection of shoes at will, because today we will offer you some interesting ideas for storing many pairs of shoes in one place.


In the free shelves in the bedroom

What better than to show off your favorite shoes and them to also become part of not only your wardrobe, but also your home decor? After all, they are so beautiful! They deserve to be put on display. Place them on the free racks of the bookstand or directly on the shelves!


Under the bed

On the contrary, if you have already reached the point where you are ashamed of the huge number of shoes you own, you can safely hide them under the bed. To save them from being worn off or getting dusted, keep them wrapped – ordinary plastic bags are sufficient to protect them from stains and dirt.


Behind the curtain

In fact, if you know yourself better, you will know that you must not throw away the boxes of the shoes because they will be useful – to store your shoes in them. But in order your home not to look like a storage for shoes, arrange the boxes of shoes, as this entire wall of high heels, boots, sandals and slippers, you can hide with a curtain or blinds.


So which of these ideas you think will appeal most to your home interior design?


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