5 Reasons not to buy the first shoes you try on

Image: © Niki Love / Fotolia

Many women love to boast that they are not like the rest and that unlike others they can quickly make decisions in the store and quickly choose clothes and shoes. But the truth is that in the haste there is nothing nice and can lead to the same negative consequences such as excessive hanging around the mall all afternoon, which you know, costs the patience of your mate.


In this regard, see exactly 5 reasons not to buy the first measured shoes for the day when you go out shopping:


  1. Your feet are still lying

You have not yet stretched your feet enough, probably the heels are not yet hospitable to accept your foot in a peaceful, free condition. Therefore, when you try out smaller shoes, they will seem perfect at the moment, but tomorrow will most likely not be.


  1. Down the street another store has the same color that you want…

If you are not in a boutique is very likely that the entire mall is packed with more than 10 models from which to choose. Should you be compromising with yourself and buy the particular model in brown when you actually want it in black color?


  1. In the beginning you are not aware what is available on the market

It is necessary to enter a few stores in advance, in order to make sure that you have explored everything which is offered at this point, in this mall, and even during this fashion season. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when you find out that you have missed something.


  1. You miss all the fun

After all this is the charming aspect of the shopping, right? To explore a maximum number of shops and finally get the best shoes?


  1. The first impression is always wrong when it comes to shoes

Although it is not proven at 100%, such a study exists, according to which a woman responds too emotionally to the first examined shoes and is necessary to go through more models in order to gain a clearer idea.



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