White shoes

White shoesIn the hot and sunny season, regardless of the overall fashion bright-colored shoes have always been preferred. We cannot pay attention to the white shoes, they have always been in fashion – universal and simple, they can be worn with almost any garment. Of course in response to the various styles, white shoes, too, have different models, shape and style – with current, with a flat sole, platform, formal, casual, sporty.
Any woman who is in tune with the latest fashion trends in the summer must have a pair of white shoes. Whether formal or negligee must be ones in which you are comfortable and able to feel yourself.

For example, this season the white platform sandals are very fresh, because you can wear them both in the city and at the beach. Not to mention that they are right on target with each garment – beach dress, skirt or pants and can be worn with everything. They are comfortable and beautiful, no matter what straps, etc.


Formal white shoesThe formal white shoes are more specific. They cannot be worn with a formal suit in any color. If you want to bring contrast of course nothing precludes putting on a pair of white shoes with a black skirt and white shirt, but in general, these shoes are worn mainly with light clothes.

Most comfortable for the season are white slippers of the type flip-flops. Or, as we know them, slippers with a finger. A thin leather strap runs along the thumb and forefinger of your foot and leaves the rest free.

Whatever you choose you undoubtedly will leave the impression of a stylish and fresh personality.


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