Unusual and interesting shoes – second part

Shoes made ​​entirely of zippers. These sandals are very stylish and at the same time interesting and original. Unquestionably these sandals would be appropriate for a sports skirt.



For the fans of high speeds is the next pair of shoes with an elegant high heel. Lamborghini followed the example of Opel in order to make an amazing advertisement to the fair gender. These shoes are amazing and very suitable for semi-official sports apparel.


The following booties could feel like they are very uncomfortable but according to the creators are much more comfortable for walking than most booties, boots or high-heeled shoes. And are terribly original with these horseshoes of the current which rattle whenever you contact with the road surface.



The last pair of shoes we liked for you our readers, are a pair of shoes that serve as each shoe to protect your feet, but if you look at them from aside and wear them with pants or jeans which cover their upper part, people would be slightly worried, and can even think of you as insane, as if you came out barefoot, most likely you forgot to put on shoes in the hurry. These shoes imitate bare foot wonderfully, perfectly as genuine are even the color and the toes are such as your own.  mm,


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