Unusual and interesting shoes – first part

Nowadays there are so many types of shoes that basically you may appear at any location with a different pair in different styles which have nothing to do with each other. Some of the next shoes surprised us so much, that we could not help but share them with you, it is amazing how the human imagination can come up with something that will never come into use or is totally impractical and can still be fashionable.



The first kind of shoes are like bare foot. With them it is as if you are going for a walk barefooted. Shoes-five fingers we called them and we think they are quite colorful and interesting.


Shoes Opel. Yes, that’s right, this kind of women’s shoes with high heels, are with the front of Opel Agila. A great advertisement produced by the designer Simon Diyring. If you already have a car like this, the shoes are a great accessory-addition to it.


Great slippers for the summer, especially if you live in a big city are the following slippers which are with grass instead of an insole. Walking on the streets with these slippers, you can enjoy an amazing foot massage and they will make you forget that you are actually walking down the asphalt road.


Do you like gangster movies or games? Then you will enjoy the following shoes. With these women’s shoes with a revolver instead of current you will not go unnoticed, and how comfortable they are could say only those who have worn them.


If you have no prejudices to step on fish, then these flip-flops in the shape of fish are just for you, when you are going fishing, for example. 



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