Types of shoes

At the mention of shoes only few people realize how many different types there are. For them the shoe is just a shoe. Most divide them into men’s, women’s and children’s. It’s amazing how great the variety of types of shoes is. We will try to systemize them understandably. There are several indicators by which the shoes are divided.

– according to the person wearing them – men’s, women’s and children’s.

– according to the occasion – formal and casual – the formal are made of a soft and smooth material and have leather soles. Everyday shoes have rubber soles and their upper part is more robust to withstand the more frequent loading.

– men’s formal shoes – low, high and shoes without laces. For the third type is clear what the difference is. Low shoes have an opening in the shape of the letter V in the upper part and the high have ties that bind in two parts to the leather.

– women’s formal shoes – here the diversity is really big, but we can distinguish the following types – patent leather, low-heeled shoes, high heels, platform shoes.

– unisex shoes – they are certainly not the same for both sexes but as a kind of shoe they are for both men and women – sandals, moccasins, slippers, and American type – with no laces.

– sports shoes – and in this category there are many types and for most of them is typical that can be worn by both sexes. For a lot of the sports there is special footwear, such as golf, bowling, climbing – sneakers, running shoes, hiking shoes.


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