Top 10 of the most expensive shoes – 2

We continue our march in the fashion and movie podiums in search of the ten most expensive pairs of shoes throughout history.

Number 5 goes to the platinum stiletto sandals which are made again from Stuart Weitzman, who obviously has a flair for the expensive stuff. Their price is 1 090 000 $. 464 diamonds surround the platinum straps of the sandals, making them look extravagant and shiny.

Fourth place is for great stiletto sandals decorated with stones again, but this time with 620 divine rubies, the carats are 120. The price is 1.6 million dollars, and the designer is again our old acquaintance Stuart Weitzman.

Bronze goes back again to Stuart Weitzman, who created high heel sandals worth 2 000 000 dollars, which are not just some sandals, but with great presence of bright blue diamonds of 185 carats and ordinary diamonds of 28 carats, which frame the strap in the front. The blue magic highlights every pretty ladies ankle.

Second place is for Cinderella’s slippers that can rightfully be called so because they are made ​​of clear, pure diamond. The heels of these sandals are 11 cm high and are made from 595 carat diamonds. The price is 2 000 000 dollars, and producer is once again our dear old friend, with the precious shoes – Stuart Weitzman.

And the first place is for the seemingly insignificant satin shoes without toes that are designed especially for Rita Howard to be in set with her unique and one of kind earrings. They cost exactly 3 million dollars, and frankly we’re a little disappointed because we expected on the first place to settle splendor for the foot. But the rich have their own quirks and sometimes need to be forgiven.


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