Top 10 of the most expensive shoes – 1

Ladies’ obsession for shoes is well recognized and thanks to it so many manufacturers earn money and the industry keeps growing. Over the years, just like the good wine, shoes “mature.”

We decided it is a good idea to offer you the top 10 most expensive shoes ever created and worn.

Number 10 is for sports shoes Nike, that are encrusted with diamonds and costing 50 000 dollars. The stones are eleven carat and with color of chocolate.

At 9th place are the shoes of an ancient Indian prince which are instructed with diamonds and rubies and cost 160 000 dollars. They have been worn only once. And in 2006 are stolen from the museum, where they were located. A few days later they were found … but without the stones.

No. 8 shoes are stiletto sandals that are with 1420 diamonds, 30 carats and are platinum-coated. Their manufacturers are designer Stuart Weitzman and jeweler Kwiat. Their price is 500 000 dollars.

Number 7 is for the red slippers from “The Wizard of Oz” that Dorothy is wearing in the final scene. Originally the ruby shoes are produced in white, but for the movie the producers change them completely to respond to the idea of the film. At the moment they cost 666 000 dollars.

At number 6 are the incredible Cinderella-type shoes in retro style from the designer Stuart Weitzman. The roses in the front of the high shoes are made ​​from 100 carat diamonds, and the currents are gold-coated. Each year the Oscar Academy finds a Cinderella to wear them on her debut. They are evaluated of more than 1 000 000 dollars.


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