Tips for choosing wedding shoes

The big day is approaching bit by bit. Having already done the hardest task to choose your wedding dress with which to enchant your beloved to the altar and make the guests gasp, now comes word of yet another not simpler task, namely the choice of shoes.

Bridal shoes are bought once in a lifetime, so you must select them very seriously to complete your perfect appearance and be a whole with the dress. Therefore do not skimp for them but also do not give away too large amount of money for them, though, as we said, you will probably wear them only once, at most twice in your life.

Why is it so difficult to find the right shoes? Well firstly wedding shoes are not for sale in any store for shoes, in which for example you can find your favorite boots. Since in most cases they are more expensive than other shoes, they are either made ​​by order or else purchased in specialized wedding stores, which already have a tradition to offer a catalog of footwear or directly shoes. It’s true that sometimes you can find the right pair of footwear in a simple store, but you can still run across a pair of shoes of poor quality, for example the glue has gone out and disfigured the shoe.

Our advices are: First plan everything so that you can obtain the shoes earlier. In order to have time to replace them for example, because the height of the heel will depend on how long the hem of the dress is. In some cases you may take your shoes prior to the dress, but only if you know how long would be your dress, and how far does the hem reach.

Some brides prefer to take their shoes in other than white or cream color in order to combine with the colorful ornaments on the dress. If you decide to get such shoes then let the color accent of the jewelry to go with the shoes in order to combine all the accessories together.

Do not cheat on the leather shoes. There is no rule which states that the bride must have shoes of synthetic material or fabric. Especially if the wedding is in the autumn or winter and the shoes are closed. The artificial materials will not allow the feet to breathe as would do the natural leather.

Pay attention to the fact that you will be standing for hours and you will have to dance with the shoes you have chosen, so do not take the first super sleek, with a thin heel. Let the shoe be comfortable and hold your ankle, in order to feel no pain in the legs for days or else even on the wedding day you will have to take them off.

There is a big difference in the quality of the various brands of wedding shoes. And not always the higher price is an indicator of quality. You may have paid lots of money for designer shoes made ​​of satin or silk, and ultimately prove to be that a pair made from polyester is of much better quality and you are more comfortable with it.

Once you buy the shoes that meet all of the conditions and your inner sense, it is time to stretch them. Do not wait for the wedding day to be the first in which to wear them, because you might be unpleasantly surprised. In order to relax the leather or the material from which they are produced, walk with them around the house or apartment, or get off and climb an indoor staircase if you have one. This will prepare you for the big day and you will not be worried about sore feet or blisters that appear after the first dance.


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