The shoes and the character of the woman – Part two

We continue our walk in the world of shoes and debris of female psychology associated with them. So we came to:

“Ballet slippers”, “princesses”

These slippers can easily be put at the forefront of shoes as their founders. This is one of the first models of shoes. They can be simple and elegant as well as decorated with various ruffles, ribbons and adorn. They can be combined with any clothing without any problem.

If namely the “princesses” are number one in the closet and in your heart, then you belong to the generous and kind people. You pay close attention to every detail, love children, animals, and often sniff of romantic movies.

Your style of dressing matches that of Lolita – sweet but with no trace of redundancy and banality. This type of women awaken in men their instinct of defender, caring individual and every woman needs precise than that.


Shoes with opened heel

These are your favorite shoes? Well, then you are an enemy of chaos and fierce defender of the control and the order, you hate things that develop on their own. Absolutely workaholic and an en suite person who keeps a lot of precision and correctness.

You hate sentimental performances, but still it happens according to your mood to flirt a bit and playfully. You are the woman and friend, to whose shoulder everyone loves to complain about their pain, knowing that you will be tasked with solving their problems. Which in some cases is not good, because this type of women attract like a magnet the type of men “spoiled darlings.”

Sports shoes

Your preferences to sports shoes show that is hardly in your closet to take an honorable place strict suits, evening gowns and sleek skirts but you bet more on the sports style. But there is nothing wrong with that because sports clothing has always emphasized hotness in its own way. The sporty woman is the one that has kept the youth in her and all that she evaluates is based on her own criteria, not even for a moment to be influenced by others’ opinions or worldview.

Two basic traits of your character are expressiveness and impatience. For the fact that you have an innate sincerity you often lead others to be dumbfounded of your revelations, which not rarely runs you into trouble, but thanks to your graciousness you manage to get away.

The lady who likes sports shoes takes care of her body as well as strictly follows a healthy diet that affects her organism, but without exceeding the threshold and be subjected to drastic diets. But in general likes to focus on the love of food rather than its calorific value.

She loves to travel, easily makes friendships and contacts, ignoring nationality and social status.

To be continued….


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