The shoes and the character of the woman – Part three


Women, who like to wear moccasins, mainly rely on the comfort and convenience that one shoe provides to the foot. These women are traditionalists by nature and character. You love long and stable relationships, and when you’re surrounded by friends and family you feel best – protected and you can achieve anything in this world. These women are the most loyal friends, and completely natural. Furthermore, thanks to their innate charm and naturalness, men fall at their feet with almost no effort on the part of the woman, and without having to put on makeup. You possess innumerable qualities but never flaunt them, and this is what makes you attractive.

High boots

Designers who first imposed high boots in the female fashion have borrowed the model from the classic army uniform, and perhaps this is the reason why the women who love high boots are so expansive and aggressive. On the other hand, psychologists express the opinion that the character of such women is disguised, namely because they wear boots that conveniently hide the legs from the public eye. But behind the aggressive appearance of the fans of this kind of shoe, are hiding shyness and extreme sensitivity.

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You adore night parties and your entourage has more men friends than girlfriends. You do not think about what is ahead of you, and are not encumbered with thoughts of the past, and whenever there is a current problem, you solve it with your inherent swoop and determination.

You are always in a good mood, so different types of people are attracted to you like a magnet. Yet everyone likes to communicate with positive and optimistic people, and from you optimism spurts like a fountain.

In love, you always like to have a thrill and romance, so perhaps for you are the short relationships that have not had time to fall into the gray swirl of everyday life. Phrases like “till death do you part” give you the creeps.

Sandals with high heels

The woman with a strong and solid character would stop precisely on those shoes. Her ambitions never end and she does not bother of being the center of attention. When she has a goal or dream she pursues it with all the obstinacy of her character until it is achieved. There is nothing left for tomorrow.

Quite often even in her personal life her career and success come first but the dynamic life which she is leading, rather than tiring her, loads her with energy.

In her work this is a woman surrounded by men, but she does not feel suppressed by them, but on the contrary – they propel her to refine and she loves to be their rival. Therefore, with her actions she often provokes in the opposite gender mixed emotions – they both envy and admire her.


Flip-flops a type of “Vietnamese”, thongs

If you love more than anything the comfortable flip-flop slippers, then you are a broad minded personality that values the ​​personal qualities of each person you communicate with. You never judge by the appearance. For you it is in the background. You adore being informed about all kinds of cultural events and activities, and love to swim in your own waters or be in the company of knowledgeable and open-minded people. I.e. exactly the same as yourself.

As for your relationships with the opposite gender, then with you applies the maxim “Whatever in my heart, that is on my mouth”, i.e. you always say what you think without worrying that it could hurt the other person. You respect those who accept you just as you are, and you yourself have never aspired to change someone.

As a final to our article and the related to it tastes for shoes, we can only say that shoes are the accessory that completes your outfit. Without the proper footwear the entire composition may seem silly, ridiculous or just not very well. But also under the shoe is not just the foot from the anatomical point of view but the personal character of its owner.




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