The shoes and the character of the woman – Part One

You’ve probably heard that shoes are a passion for many women, not to say all, because after all there are exceptions. Many women, however, are directly obsessive about the topic shoes and buy all the latest models that are on the market, others collect money for months in order to buy a pair of shoes, they have spent sleepless nights in front of the shop window. For others they are simply passionate collectibles, and there are women who just browse fashion magazines and dream to have all shoes, even though there is no way to put them on at least once in their lifetime. Naturally, when you buy a new pair of shoes, it does not mean that your life is changed automatically, but overall it brings a great joy to the relevant lady. Of course, when choosing a model, a woman is guided both by trends and by her taste and last but not least on how comfortable that shoe would be. However the character also has a significant role in the selection of shoes.

The shoes that fall under the heading favorite pair of shoes can tell a lot about the character of a lady. This is why we offer you a kind of test. Think for a moment what are the shoes in your wardrobe, which occupy a special place in your heart? Do not be guided from the fashion and seasonal trends. It is very possible that precisely your favorite pair of shoes is the one to reveal much of your character and help others understand you.

And because taste in clothes and shoes is subject to variations and changes, this is not a categorical test. Surely you happened to buy incredibly beautiful shoes that do for a long time stay in the closet until you wear them and even after you put them on, it has not been more than 2-3 times, while your favorite sneakers do not go down from your feet.

Let us see what your favorite pair of shoes tells us?

Shoes with platform

If for you it is an honor to have platform shoes in your wardrobe, whether closed shoes, sandals, booties or boots, then you are a woman who likes to be the center of attention and all eyes to be staring in you. From everywhere to pour down complements with your beauty and inimitability. You adore the bath with aromatic salts, eastern and aroma massages, etc. Men attract you with adventurism and daring. However this does not make you a flighty woman, quite the contrary. A lover of the platforms carefully selects her partners and would never be satisfied with one night stands. If you happen to “compete” with a friend then this is not at all seriously, it’s just for fun. Typical for you is that you always remain second to none and not allow yourself to fall below your level in the name of anything.

Elegant high-heeled shoes with current and pointed tips

The ones in love with this shoe model are very creative, people of art, but also very erratic. All that you can think of as unfinished is their trait – whether it is an uncompleted course, a renovation or an unfinished book. Yet among friends and acquaintances these ladies are known as people who can be relied upon to give an adequate fashion advice. Such women have dreamed to be a musician, artist or to engage in other forms of art. Men who can be empathetic with their emotions, dreads and passions are the most attractive to them. And also the sensitive machos occupy the first place in their hearts. If you are one of those ladies know that all your friends gladly communicate with you.

To be continued


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