The sandals “ultraflat” – how and with what to wear?

ultra flat gladiator sandals

In these hot summer days, the last thing some women would think of is to climb up on uncomfortable high heels. However, if you want to, and your style requires it, you may dress up in some elegant and beautiful high-heeled shoes. But at the rest of the time and even sometimes at work you can bet on the low, almost flat shoes and sandals.

Very modern this season are the sandals “ultraflat”, which as the name suggests are incredibly flat, smooth and practical. You will not feel any pain or burden in your feet and you will not experience the discomfort of the high heels, as they are difficult to walk with and not every woman can manage to do it.

With what, however, is appropriate to wear these sandals? Can you wear them with any clothing? Sure, they are not suitable for a formal suit, which is clear because the dress code does not allow that kind of a combination. But for almost any other casual clothing, the sandals “ultraflat” are just perfect.

They are great to combine with wide linen trousers, a sports denim skirt or another type of daily skirt, maybe a short skirt or with shorts – girly flirty, with skinny jeans or a beach dress at the seaside.

You can also wear them with almost any casual summer dress – short or long or even with a pareo at the beach. For the sandals “ultraflat” there are almost no restrictions, just as long as you find it convenient and comfortable and feel beautiful and confident when you look at your overall appearance at the mirror.

And even if your ankle is not very thin and elegant, there is no obstacle to dress up with your new flat sandals.


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