The right shoes for a successful interview

In most articles giving advice on how to create a good impression with your appearance, primarily are represented the types of clothing that are appropriate for the new workplace – whether men should wear a suit and what color it should be, with or without a coat, what color shirt etc., and for women a suit with a skirt or with pants, or to bet on something more casual. One very important detail and finish of the clothing with which you will appear for the first time / and sometimes the only! / in front of the interviewer are the shoes. For both sexes is valid the rule that if you choose the right shoes you can achieve a different vision. Therefore, you should know some basic things.

For men. The Gentlemen can choose from four types of shoes, with which they can go to an interview. They are from the most formal to more negligent. Those are the type of leather black shoes “Oxford”, the type of leather black shoes “sports”, official suede shoes and black loafers.

We start with the official type of shoe, namely “Oxford”. They are classic formal shoes. With these shoes you can see the bankers, important businessmen and politicians and others who are obliged to observe etiquette. These shoes guarantee you the reception, you will remember. Therefore to an interview if you are wearing a suit you must be in such shoes.

For ladies. For women, there are far more options for shoes that are appropriate for an interview. And while for men colors are mostly limited to black, for the women’s shoe there is a bit more diversity. Certainly for the very state of the shoes the same rule applies as in males – shoes must be in perfect condition, if not new, then at least they have to be polished with no scratches or at least not immediately evident on the leather. Colors should be darker and dull to suit the costume or bag. Under no circumstances go to a job interview with shoes in bright colors, they will make a bad impression, at least the bright colors irritate the eye. Also avoid white shoes unless you are a medical worker and you are going to an interview for a position in your field.

Material of which must be made the official shoe for an interview must be of leather – no suede, nubuck or fabric are not eligible. There are basically two styles – formal shoes with heels / high, medium or low / and shoes of the type ballet slippers. As in both species may be a difference in the shape of the shoe, the current and other cosmetic changes.

Formal shoes, both male and female can be found in nearly every shop for shoes. But you must remember that they must be carefully chosen, because they may not provide you a job but they say a lot about your personality. And the impression you have created may sometimes open doors where you least expect it. That is why the shoes with which you will go to your next job interview should be your shoes that speak for you.


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