The history of shoes

White sandalsOne of the first things that the man learned to use in his evolution is precisely shoes. The frequent change of climate, the inconvenience of traveling and other factors have forced people to pay attention to their feet and especially how to protect them. Preserved are many historical notes from earlier civilizations such as China, Egypt and even the biblical era, that often contain mentioning of the use of shoes.

In the beginning, the shoes are something like a sock wraparound the foot. Barely in early Egypt were the first shoes with hard soles created. According to the status of the person, such have been and the shoes. The Pharaoh and his retinue of courtiers used sandals from high quality materials, open at the front. Ordinary people have walked with too old and worn out sandals. The slaves even had no right to have shoes – they were obliged to walk barefoot.

Greeks with their inherent extravagance and love for art in the ancient world first created a new art form of manufacturing of footwear. Exactly them should the contemporary woman thank for the shoes with high heels. After that come the “inverted shoes” that are sewn on the upper part and the outsole with stitching.

The Middle Ages will be remembered for the fabrication of the tapered shoes, but unfortunately their expansion continues too short. In the history of the shoe often governments forbade height of the heel more than two inches. Then was the turn of shoes with square soles, bear paws, which are very wide shoes, and many more weird and bizarre shoes, appeared suddenly and also disappearing into society throughout the long history of shoes.

The first factory for mechanical manufacturing of shoes for both feet opened doors in 1800 in North America. Until then it had been difficult to create two different shoes.

Since then the production of shoes undergoes tremendous development. Nowadays, there is an incredible variety of types and models of shoes, as well as materials from which they are made. There are shoes for any outfit and every taste. The choice is yours!


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