The beautiful gait is formed from the childhood. Part 1

Image: © ajdinajdin / Fotolia

If someone walks incorrectly or has crooked legs, for that are at fault his parents. First, because the shape of the legs is inherited genetically, and second because they have not taken measures for a good posture from an early age. And because with the genes we can not fight on the second question can be made many things.


Starting to walk is an important moment for the gait of the child. It is best to be done barefoot, so the baby feels the relief of the surface, balances the body, stimulated are the nerve endings in the feet and is built a harmonious, beautiful gait.


When this is not possible (cold, dirt) put socks with anti-slip buttons or “booties” with a very thin sole. If you put a child in massive shoes that cover the ankle (as advised widely) with a thick sole, it will be walking as in bowls. They are good for the ankle but are for later on when the child already walks steadily.


And do not force your child to walk, just because your neighbor his age already walks! A child makes its first steps when it is ready. By the third year, most children have physiological flat feet, their feet are like a “donut” without a formed arch. At the beginning the legs may be slightly warped as X or O, but this is temporary.


Remember that an enemy of the good gait is excess weight. The foot has 26 bones, 19 muscles, and many compounds, tendons, nerves, blood vessels. Overweight damages these delicate and unformed structures of the foot and they are often deformed.


Choosing the right shoes is very important for the development of the children’s feet and for the good gait. The short shoes distort the toe, deform the nails and this changes the pattern of movement and leads to damage to the joints. So is loaded and the spine.



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