What is the reason for flat foot?

Flat foot is a widespread disease, both among the younger and among the older people. But what is the reason? The foot is formed by two arches – longitudinal and transversal. Longitudinal arch of the foot is on the inside of the foot, and transversal in the metatarsal bones area. When one of the two arches falls downwards it gets flatfoot. This descent of the arch may occur for two main reasons: either for sudden weight gain ... Continue Reading →

Grace and charms with the high heels

Never wear shoes that are not comfortable and will make you regret that you ever put them on. Such shoes are the high heels with very thin current. For some, those shoes are a real punishment. On the other hand, the high boots add more glamour and elegance to the one wearing them. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of wearing high heels? First of all we must mention the illusion of longer legs that is obtained when ... Continue Reading →

Formal evening sandals from Givenchy

The following types of sandals are great supplement for each formal dress. Gold and black or silver and black leather, just classic in the formal clothing or shoes. Both pairs would be more suitable for short dresses, because of the incredible decorations that should not be hidden. The second pair is a bit more decorated, but everyone has their own taste and style, so combined with proper selection of clothes, it would make every ... Continue Reading →