Summer sandals – scandalous and comfortable

Another two proposals for the summer, which impressed us. One of the pairs is rather informal, that can be worn at any time with any casual clothing, you can even go to work with them, of course if your work does not require formal wear, suit or high heels. They are from the brand Chinese Laundry, which is well known. Equal, low sandals with interesting decoration of a zipper on the back of the ankle. Extremely comfortable because of almost their full lack of current and some kind of elevated outsole.


The fingers and toes are almost all opened, allowing the skin to breathe in the summer heat. The upper part of the sandals is made of leather with snake print, and is also decorated with purple suede tassels that give a complete and very attractive appearance of the entire shoe. With them your legs will not go unnoticed.


Our next suggestion is a bit unusual for us, but we felt that nevertheless red shoes are a kind of classic, and even if they are red sandals. For these there is no doubt that they are for a special occasion – such as evening party, but not business cocktail because of the color and decoration that are more for a friendly gathering, wedding, christening or other similar event.


The matter of which they are made is satin, and the currents are enlightened by the light reflecting of the metal. Gorgeous sandals, addition to the also wonderful evening or cocktail dress in red. You probably think of the famous velvet voice of Eric Clapton in the song “Lady in red”. Dance all night like a real Cinderella without of course the covenant chime at midnight, with these sandals, or at least try, because of the high current of 10-12 cm.


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