Summer Challenge by DIESEL

Diesel summer challengeSuccessive pair of sandals for the summer from DIESEL. This time we present something a little more extravagant, not that there is no such sandals every summer, only the height of the current changes, but we cannot help but point it out.

The turquoise blue combines perfectly with the subdued yellow and the dark brown color. From the color point of view, lovely shoes for summer beach parties. Well of course it will be difficult to walk in the sands, but overall we think that the shoes are wonderful. The body weight is distributed evenly on the foot thanks to the platform located in the front of the shoe where the toes are. So although the height of the current is 14 cm you will not feel such a load in the calves and the whole leg, thanks to the platform.

The leather, wide straps are made of high quality natural leather which makes the sandals preferred in the hot summer days because there is no danger of sweating or slipping, as it often happens with some not very qualitative shoes.

The insole is made of soft leather, which makes stepping much more comfortable and painless. The sole is made ​​of cork. As we said the ideal shoe for summer days at the beach, with a summer airy dress, reaching the calves, a big hat with a wide brim, hiding your head and eyes from the sun and these sandals. But not on the sand, because you risk stepping as in bowls and no one will notice the elegance, but rather for a cool night in a club on the beach.


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