Six key pairs of shoes that you must have in your wardrobe

Black shoesThe shoes are something that no lady can live without. As Winnie the Pooh says, the more the greater. This is especially effective for the shoes. And since not everyone can afford thousands of pairs as Imelda Marcos, former first lady, we will remind you, which are those six pairs that are at least desirable to have in your wardrobe, if not mandatory.

The first are high-heeled shoes to go only with your ​​cocktail dress, in which you go to have some fun. With this outfit you are not looking for The only, but rather The only for the moment.

The following are ones that you can explore the world with. Or at least your hometown. They are comfortable and low, in soft earth tones and can go around for hours.

The third pair, which you must necessarily have, is the official high-heeled shoes that fit greatly with a business suit. With them from an ethereal forest princess you will morph into a strict businesswoman with glasses and a briefcase.

The next pair is the red romantic shoes. Every lady should have one of these, when she is on a romantic walk with her love. As in Paris for instance.

The following are more childish, like for your little niece or daughter. And not to rejuvenate your spirit, which is young anyway, but because it will break stereotypes for the joyful colors and prints, in which the ballerina flat type of shoes are offered. They are low, almost flat and are available in a variety of fun colors.

And the last pair of shoes that every woman should have in her wardrobe is of the so called Oxford type. They are closed shoes and are very suitable for rainy autumn or spring days. Great to match with jeans, straight trousers or skirts above the knee. These are shoes for intellectual conversations, so to say.

If you think these essential six pairs are not enough, you can always tour around the shops and stock with more. Good luck and pleasant shopping!


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