Shoes in tune with the guitar of Carlos Santana

tango shoes The music is unquestionably the international language of the planet. The music does not need words, you just have to listen and open your senses to the emotions that flow from the guitar or the voice of the singer or musician.

With those feelings in 1998, Carlos and Deborah Santana have contracted with the company manufacturer of the shoes Brown, to launch a line of shoes that reflects the emotions that Carlos Santana recreates through his guitar. In this case, ladies wear Santana, not only in their heart but also on their feet. One really interesting idea, which as a result brings to light collection after collection of wonderful shoes for every lady, impressed by the rhythms of the guitarist. Here are our suggestions, which we selected for you.

The Tango fabulous sandals are suitable for any woman who wants to feel latino. With high current and turquoise decorations in the form of stones that wonderful complement any daily or sporty-elegant outfit. Well, of course, not a sports suit for running, but would be great with sporty skirt or pants.

pixie shoesOther great and comfortable shoes are the type ballerina flats, low and perfectly suited for long hikes and walks in the city, at a concert or for shopping marathon. The Light brown color in combination with the lovely decorative stones makes them just incredible and preferred among others. Lightweight and comfortable for any outfit and style.


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