Shoes by Lelli Kelly – a colorful addition

The next two pairs of children’s shoes are very interesting and lift the mood as soon as you look at them in the store. Undoubtedly they will stand wonderful on the feet of your child, not to mention how happy your daughter will be wearing them. Still there is hardly any child who does not like bright colors.

The first shoes are interesting canvas shoes in interesting purple colors, decorated with beads and ornaments reflecting the light, but that is hardly noticeable and is not obtained kitschy but cute, interesting and absolutely childish. From Lelli Kelly have staked on the bright colors and we think that it was the right decision.

Furthermore, customers will be satisfied, because the shoes are made of high quality materials. The sole is from high quality rubber that bends without a problem, and the upper part is from fabric which is decorated with interesting floral motives, in which are sewn several beads, giving more volume and originality of the flowers.

The fastening is with velcro patches and fabric insole prevents the foot from sweating. They can be worn with almost any clothing, without of course very formal clothes, such as a ladybug dress for the aunt’s wedding. But as a whole this is one universal shoe.

The next model is in great pink. This is barely noticeable because of the incredible floral motives, in which the entire shoe is decorated. The flowers are enhanced with various beads and sequins, making the shoes original and the flowers as real.

As with all their models of children’s shoes from Lelli Kelly and here shall be no disgrace with the quality of materials. Soft, flexible, yet solid enough soles from breathable material, upper part of textile made ​​from high quality cotton which allows air circulation and also has hypoallergenic properties. The main advantage because of which a lot of mothers will stop precisely on this model shoe is that there are several elastic bands in the place of laces and thereby the child can alone put them on and take them off without having to tie laces or agglutinate adhesive strips. Overall a comfortable and practical shoe, especially for the moments when you are not next to the child, such as in the kindergarten, and it has to put on and takes off the shoes on its own.


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