Sandals from Aster and baby’s denim shoes with brand Umi

kids pink sandalsWe continue our marching among the finest world brands for children’s and baby’s shoes. This time we chose two brands that are really preferred overseas, and their prices can show quality.

The first pair is gorgeous cyclamen sandals that are with sewn soles. From Aster have staked on high quality leather, from which is made as the upper part as well as the entire outsole. Moreover the outsole flexes which gives incredible freedom of the movements of the child’s foot. They are not high as most manufacturers started to make children’s and especially girls’ sandals, as if children have to wear heels from the cradle. An incredibly comfortable shoe that among other things can also be adjusted. The upper part, the place at which it is fastened to the ankle as well as above the toes, is made of leather under which  is attached velcro, which is ripped off and glued according to the wide of the child’s foot. So the probability of the sandals to be too tight or else too wide is eliminated.

Umi slippersThe next model is from UMI and they are simple and at the same time very cute girly casual shoes. They are made of denim, along which there are interesting pink ornaments – the barnacles of the shoes are pink as well as the front of the toes, which is made ​​of rubber to prevent any tearing or abrasion of the fabric when stumbling, something that happens to any child not yet accustomed to wearing shoes.

The entire shoe is sewn at the edge where the fabric and the rubber of the sole are gathered, the sole itself is of high quality rubber that allows bending.

Umi denim shoesThe last model is once again from UMI and is rather for the just started to walk foot. Again, made ​​of denim, these shoes look a little like the standard booties that each child wears in the beginning when it starts walking. On both sides of the shoe there are zippers that help for the easier putting on of the shoe. Furthermore, the heel and ankle are reinforced with soft rubber coating, which is attached at the rear. So the arch of the foot will not get down and your child will be able to step more comfortably. From the inner side there is a slight lining that softens the stepping. Overall a completely tailored to your toddler shoe. And for the appearance there is nothing to say, except that they are incredibly beautiful, especially with those large pink flowers, and are right on target with a cute denim shorts or dress.


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