Quality children’s shoes for the summer season from ECCO

Ecco pink sandals ECCO surprise us this season with lovely children’s shoes in which each child’s foot will tread comfortably and will be strengthened.

The first model that we present are sandals for a little lady in a lovely trendy watermelon color. Or a little darker than it. But besides the beautiful color, these sandals will provide very comfortable days because of the high quality materials they are made of. ECCO work only with eco-friendly materials, adhesives and thread. The heel of the sandals is delicately reinforced by soft plastic foam on the inside, where the ankle is leaning to prevent the painful rubbing of the feet, and also so that the child can get used to more easily. Furthermore, the skin of which is made the upper part is natural leather that breathes and does not allow sweating of the children’s foot. Nubuck and calf leather constitute the upper part of the sandals.

The sole on the other hand is made from high quality, flexible and impervious to tearing rubber that easily accepts the movements of the child’s legs. Simultaneously hard and soft, exactly what the shaping up children’s foot needs.

The insole where the foot is lying is also made of high quality leather, which allows free air circulation to the feet without some of the unpleasant effects of sweaty feet, carrying the probability of development of fungi.

Ecco pink shoesThe next model is wonderful slippers again for girls that are suitable for more humid summer days. But such are not missing every summer, so it will not be useless to add in your wardrobe and a pair of closed shoes.

The delicate pink color makes them suitable for any outfit of your princess. The sole is made ​​of high quality rubber, which makes it both strong and supportive, and able to bend it whithersoever the leg will.

Again the insole is of high quality leather, which allows air circulation and prevents perspiration of the feet, and the upper part is made of natural leather, which leaves the slight impression of a varnish, but it is leather. Fastening of the shoe is done through textile strip with velcro sewn on it. Comfortable for every child, especially if it cannot tie shoelaces.


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